Here are our Presenters & Topics:

Cassidy Phillips

Cassidy PhillipsSoft Tissue Solutions for Better Biomechanics

Discover the Ultimate Six™ areas of the body that define biomechanics the most. When defining how the body moves you have to look at the fulcrum and levers of the body. Learn what fitness professionals and strength training coaches are using around the world to enhance their athletes performance!

Mike Boyle

Mike BoyleThe Case for Single Leg Training

Take a look at what’s really 
new in the world of lower body strength. Do we really need to put huge 
weights on the spine? Curious? Tune in!

Fraser Quelch

Fraser QuelchChanging the Game

Learn why the vast majority of gym goers aren’t achieving their goals and how to adapt your programming to put a halt to this disturbing trend and make meaningful change. This provocative session takes a critical look at the successes and failures of our current training model, exposes some pivotal shortfalls and provides innovative solutions to help “change the game”.

Peter Twist

Peter TwistEveryone is an Athlete

Coaching the recipe for the physicality required of athletes graduates clients of all ages and ability levels to live a high vitality life and attracts like-clients to your business. Peter Twist shares his coaching philopophies, training guard rails, keybody adaptors to synergize, and a checklist to be an effective active coach delivering best outcomes.

Dr. John Berardi

John BerardiThe Power of Persuasion and Influence for Fitness Pros

Why can’t clients tell the difference between you and your competitors? Maybe your exclusive focus on learning about client physiology may be getting in your way. Learn the 6 key psychological principles of influence and persuasion. These principles will help you in attracting and retaining clients, getting more referrals, and, ultimately, getting better client results.

Trina Gray

Trina GrayThe Mindset of Success: Set Your Career on Fire

Explore the habits of successful entrepreneurs: they are unemotional about money; they know what habits drive business; they create tribes, exude confidence, seek to give, focus on learning, know how to recharge themselves and are always driven to go the extra mile. When they fail, they come back stronger. It all starts with the mindset.

Ashley Selman

Ashely SelmanWin-Win Team Building

From sports teams to business, having a strong team is one of the most important factors in determining your success. By utilizing the concept of ‘win-win team building’ you can build surprisingly passionate and loyal teams that will catapult the entire team to a new level of success.

Trish Blackwell

Trish BlackwellLeveraging Web 2.0

Learn how to maximize your impact and your voice! Trish will dissect the power of interacting and creating real relationships through social media. Mastering your involvement in your business’s Web 2.0 is the ultimate way to not only exponentially expand your platform and message, but to create a sustainable and interactive community of your tribe.

Sean Croxton

Sean CroxtonThe Missing Links in Fitness and Fat Loss

In this presentation, Sean will address four crucial factors — digestion, hormones, detoxification, and immunity — that are often overlooked in achieving fitness and fat loss objectives. Topics will include the importance of managing stress, getting a good night’s sleep, reducing toxic load, and the prevalence of food sensitivities and intolerances.

Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack SingerHow to Develop & Maintain the Mindset of a Champion Fitness Pro

Dr. Jack will take his expertise as a Professional Sport Psychologist and teach you the exact same skills he teaches to elite athletes to bounce back from setbacks, obstacles and disappointments. Get ready to become an INNER-WINNER!

David Weck

Dave WeckDare to Be Different

Strategies for sparking your creativity and igniting new ideas with IMPACT! Ask Why? Pursue Passion! Explore More! Face Fear! Model Success.

Melanie Durkin

Melanie DurkinA team approach to success

Melanie Durkin will co-present with her husband Todd, and share the most effective ways to balance business, life, and relationships demands. Juggling two careers and family life, while staying motivated and connected, is a challenging feat.

Larry Indiviglia


It is said that you are as strong as the people that you surround yourself with. In this powerful talk, standout coach and Director of the Todd Durkin’s Mastermind, Larry Indiviglia, will share 8 ways to tap into greater resources, knowledge, and power to maximize success in your business and life.

Brett Klika

Brett Klika3 Steps to Get Our Kid’s Health Back on Track

The health of today’s youth is in peril. Enough talking about it, let’s DO something about it. By taking 3 practical steps as a parent, coach, trainer, teacher, or society we can help create a future generation of happy, healthy, pain-free adults.

Brent Gallagher

Brent GallagherSmall is the New BIG

Big success is often achieved by the little things in life – simply going the extra inch, taking baby steps, remembering who you are, redefining success and recognizing the power of servanthood. “Sweating the small stuff” sounds counterintuitive, but it’s actually a recipe for success. In fact, it can be one of the best weapons in your business.

Vito LaFata

Vito LaFataAnatomy of a Fitness Business

You know how to train like a pro. You know your human anatomy inside and out. But, do you know your business anatomy? Just like our bodies, your fitness business has an anatomy that needs to be understood, cared for and maintained in order to function and produce consistent profitability and marketing.

Frank Pucher

Frank PucherTurn Small Steps into Great Feats

Success isn’t the result of the extraordinary performed infrequently but rather the basics performed with extraordinary consistency. Learn the simple “Secrets” to growing a more successful fitness business.

Ashley Mahaffey

Ashley MahaffeyBoost Your Time Management Skills

A Proven Approach for Busy People Who Want Maximum Production and Profit! Discover how to exponentially increase your productivity using the #1 tool of winners; get massive results and manage the overwhelm from your task list; and identify the painful time suckers and how to avoid them with one easy question.

Anthony Carey

Anthony CareyAdvanced Strategies for Correcting Kyphosis

Addressing thoracic Kyphosis has been a challenge facing health professionals for more than a century. This spinal issue can negatively influence function above and below the thoracic spine. A true understanding of the form and function of the thoracic spine will allow you to provide exercises that go beyond the familiar tools in your toolbox.

Michol Dalcourt

Michol DalcourtFootwear and Function

Learn from Michol Dalcourt how footwear affects function and how to choose the proper footwear based on simple guidelines grounded in biomechanics. Michol will also offer his thoughts on the trend of minimalist shoes, their potential benefits and pitfalls, and barefoot training.

Chris Poirier

Chris PoirierBecoming a World Class Presenter

What separates the good presenter from the GREAT presenter? In this presentation Chris will share 7 qualities and best practices of a world-class presenter. Discover how to differentiate yourself on the platform to create a strong following! Chris will teach you many lessons on what you need to do today to “Perform Better” on stage tomorrow.

Tom Dexter

Tom DexterFinancial Fitness

Tom Dexter brings 25 years experience in the financial world and offers us his top tips for fiscal fitness. As Todd’s financial advisor for the past 3 years, Tom has the unique ability to understand the demands of a fitness pro and the specific steps he/she can take to help accrue financial freedom.

Dr. Chris Mohr

Dr. Chris MohrHot Topics in Nutrition

Nutrition changes daily. From the “evils” of gluten to Paleo eating, intermittent fasting to organic foods. One day we can eat eggs. The next a study comes out showing eating eggs is as bad as smoking. Nutrition can surely be confusing. And many take it as a religion, clinging on to one belief or lifestyle or another. This talk will cut through the hype and share the latest information on the most current nutrition questions, concerns and topics that you hear and read about.

Alwyn Cosgrove

Alwyn CosgroveTraining Strategies for the Fat Loss Client

Learn a science based method to deliver your clients fat loss results.

Included are examples of how to design weight training programs, metabolic conditioning and what Alwyn and the Results Fitness team think will be the next frontier in fat loss training.

Rachel Cosgrove

Rachel CosgroveHow to Make Your Breakthrough to Achieve the Body You Want

Learn the strategies and secrets that best selling author and owner of Results Fitness uses over and over again to help her clients achieve the amazing results she is known for. Her proven system can help you drop two sizes in just 8 weeks. In this talk you’ll learn and understand why you may have failed in the past and what works.


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