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Ashley Mahaffey

Ashley MahaffeyHealth and Fitness Strategy Expert Ashley Mahaffey launches people into champion living. She gets her clients to stretch past what they think is possible, and believes in their excellence even before they experience it.

Ashley is a speaker, mentor and trainer who helps entrepreneurs and executives get lean and powerful using the principles of her Body Reset System so they can be wildly productive. She has been featured in *Success Magazine for Women, The New York Times, Psychology Today* and in *Women in Business 2.0 – The Movie*.

For the past 10 years, Ashley has polished her skills by turning average athletes into exceptional ones using her champion mindset techniques and fitness expertise.

An award-winning coach, Ashley has led seven teams to championship titles, including the 1994 NCAA Champion Princeton Women’s Lacrosse Team. After years of successful team coaching, Ashley has transitioned to creating champion A-game entrepreneurs and executives.

Boost Your Time Management Skills

A Proven Approach for Busy People Who Want Maximum Production and Profit!

Discover how to:

  • Exponentially increase your productivity using the #1 tool of winners.
  • Get massive results and manage the overwhelm from your task list.
  • Identify the painful time suckers and how to avoid them with one easy question.

In this action packed session you’ll learn:

  • To reverse engineer your day and instantly double or triple your productivity.
  • The secrets to honoring your personal life and your work without the guilt.
  • How to keep unplanned interruptions – emails, texts, drop-ins – from derailing your day.
  • How to use your calendar to support your Big Goals your Big Life!

Your goals and dreams serve a greater purpose. It’s a disservice to those whose lives you impact when you hold back on maximizing your potential. Honor what’s important to you with the greatest impact possible.
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