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Brett Klika

Brett KlikaBrett Klika, Director of Athletics at Fitness Quest 10 is an international speaker, educator, author, and motivator with more than 20,000 hours of experience in the realm of training and coaching.

Through writing, speaking, and various other forms of media, Brett educates and inspires trainers and clients to optimize their lives through wellness.  His experience and mentorship in the personal training and athletic performance b
usiness has aided in the success of many trainers around the globe.

Brett is known throughout the industry for his creative, energetic, and often humorous approach to presenting complex information in a way that is easily understood and practically applied.  He has twice been recognized as a top 3 finalist for international personal trainer of the year by the IDEA fitness organization.

3 Steps to Get Our Kid’s Health Back on Track

The health of today’s youth is in peril. Enough talking about it, let’s DO something about it.

By taking 3 practical steps as a parent, coach, trainer, teacher, or society we can help create a future generation of happy, healthy, pain-free adults.
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