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David Weck

David WeckDavid Weck is an important innovator in the fitness industry. His influence has reached millions of people across the globe – from the world’s most elite athletes and fitness experts to children, elderly and everyday exercisers who want to look and feel their best.

David’s pursuit to explore and discover better training methods and fitness training tools is relentless. In 1999, he invented the BOSU® Balance Trainer – the ubiquitous “blue half ball” you see everywhere – to aid in his recovery from a lower back injury. Some of David’s other creations include Rolling Ropes®, the BOSU® Ballast® Ball, the Quick Hands Bola TrainerTM and Goliath’s ShoelaceTM.

Success has enabled David to devote many years to a comprehensive study of human movement. He has amassed thousands of hours studying a wide range of disciplines (i.e. Tai Chi & Oriental Medicine, Feldenkrais, Rolfing, Martial Arts & Western Boxing among others), and he is constantly studying athletic movements with video analysis and personal exploration of his methods and techniques. He has worked with clients of all abilities up to elite athletes. His work with sprinter Tyson Gay was the subject of a feature article in Men’s Health magazine.

Although he has been in the fitness industry for 20 years, in some respects David feels he is just getting started. “After spending so much time these past several years focused primarily in the pursuit of study, exploration and discovery, I am eager to now teach all that I know.” David’s latest training method called CoreFISTTM: Fascially Integrated Strength TrainingTM is currently taught privately and will launch soon with exercise training and programs for fitness professionals and consumers.

David is passionate about helping educate the world with better physical education and fitness. He lives in San Diego where he enjoys helping raise two amazing children and living an active and healthy lifestyle. David attended Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where he played football, ran track and graduated with academic honors.

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT: Strategies for Sparking Your Creativity & Igniting New Ideas with IMPACT

Ask Why?
What are three things you do, or see, or use, that you can reexamine to begin to see if you can make some form of improvement. Don’t stop what you are doing to engage this process, just make it a habit to begin the process of asking Why & why not something better?

Pursue Passion!
Energize whatever it is you do with enthusiasm and passion. Your attitude is everything so do what it takes to set your intention correctly in this department. Identify what you love about what you are doing and increase focus and intensity here.

Explore More!
Reach outside of your regular routine and expose yourself to something new. Ask a friend to recommend something they’ve found interesting or begin by doing something so simple as driving a different route to work. Look and see from another perspective.

Face Fear!
Commit to conquering some form of fear in your life. Stay safe, but get outside of your comfort zone. No Risk = No Reward With the next 7 days, what can you do that you might otherwise shy away from?

Model Success.
What role model can you learn more about to borrow from their experience to make yourself better?

The strategies outlined above are powerful tools for Sparking Your Creativity and Igniting New Ideas with IMPACT. Use them for your benefit and share your treasures with the world.
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