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Kevin Plank

Kevin PlankKevin Plank is President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Under Armour.

Kevin Plank is a pioneer, innovator, leader, and entrepreneur. As the founder and creator of brand apparel leader UNDER ARMOUR, he has built a company with over 2,000 employees and 2 billion dollars in revenue per year in just 13 years.

Forbes magazine recently voted Kevin one of the top 40 entrepreneurs under 40 years old.

This motivating and inspiring presentation is a rare opportunity to hear from one of the most driven, passionate, and successful men of our time. This interview alone will be worth 100x the price of admission into the IMPACT Summit and will teach you the BEST ways to “Protect Your House.”

Creating a World Class Brand

In this riveting interview, Kevin will candidly share his perspectives, experiences, and mindset on:

  • Top lessons learned from starting his business in his grandmother’s basement to becoming the leading sports and fitness performance apparel brand.
  • His top strategic decisions and actions taken that helped catapult Under Armour to world-wide, global recognition.
  • His peak personal productivity routine to manage his time, schedule and energy. This will include his legendary workout routine.
  • His leadership style now and how he gets the most out of his team.
  • The 5 business principles that Kevin would do if he was a trainer and was opening a training business.
  • The one thing every human should do to maximize his or her potential.

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