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Mike Boyle

Mike BoyleMichael Boyle is one of the worlds’ foremost educators in the areas of performance training, personal training and athletic rehabilitation.

Boyle has been involved in training and rehabilitation with a wide 
range of athletes, including stars in every major professional sport.
 In addition Mike has served as a consultant to some of the top teams in 
the NFL, NHL, as well as numerous division one athletic programs.

2012 Boyle was named a Strength and Consultant to the Boston Red Sox.
  • 2009 and 2010 Men’s Health named Mike’s Massachusetts facility, Mike
 Boyle Strength and Conditioning one of the top ten workout facilities
in the United States.
  • 1991-1999 Boyle served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach to 
the Boston Bruins.
  • 1983-2012 Boyle was a Strength and
Conditioning Coach at Boston University.

Mike’s impact is now being felt globally through his website Mike Boyle’s Strength Coach  , and through the translation of his first book,
 Functional Training for Sports into Japanese, Chinese and German. 
Boyle’s third book Advances in Functional Training is now being
 translated into at least five languages.

In addition to the best selling Functional Strength Coach series
 Mike has produced a total of 27 video and DVD projects all of which are
available at Perform Better.

The Case for Single Leg Training

Take a look at what’s really 
new in the world of lower body strength. Do we really need to put huge 
weights on the spine? Curious? Tune in!

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