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Peter Twist

Peter TwistPeter is thePresident & CEO of  Twist Sport Conditioning. An exercise physiologist with a Masters in Coaching Science, he coached full-time in the NHL for 11 years and through his own camps and consulting in several countries has workedwith over 700 professional athletes including four major league MVP’s from three sports.

Twist Conditioning operates six Sport Conditioning Centers where all ages and abilities engage in athlete training.

A passionate educator, Twist has published over 400 papers, 10 books, and 19 DVDs on athlete development.  He has authored several Certifcations on sport conditioning and is IMG’s Global Education Partner for their IGNITE sport performance brand.

He was honoured with:

  • 1998 National Strength and Conditioning Association’s President’s Award
  • 2003 CanFitPro SpecialtyPresenter of the Year
  • 2010 IDEA Program Director of the Year
  • CanFitPro’s 2012 Canadian Presenter of the Year.

Twist lives with his daughters Zoe and Mackenzie in North Vancouver BC, making the rainforest and mountains his home and his preferred environment for sport and recreation.

Everyone Is An Athlete

Athletes illustrating both fluidity and strength/power in motion under extreme conditions demonstrate why an athletic-oriented training style is the key to unlocking physical confidence for everyone.

Coaching the recipe for the physicality required of athletes graduates clients of all ages and ability levels to live a high vitality life and attracts like-clients to your business.

After coaching over 700 pro athletes and a life dedicated to igniting kids and adults alike, Twist shares his coaching philopophies, training guard rails, keybody adaptors to synergize, and a checklist to be an effective active coach delivering best outcomes.

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