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Randy Hetrick

Randy HetrickRandy Hetrick is the creator of the TRX Suspension Trainer® and founder of TRX, one of the fastest growing companies in fitness and training. As an inventor, entrepreneur and former commando, Randy’s professional experience spans a broad range of domains in both the public and private sector. His company produces some of the fitness industry’s most innovative training products and exercise programs and has redefined the application of bodyweight training for sports performance.

TRX is changing the way that thousands of soldiers train for combat, athletes train for sport and regular people of all ages and abilities train for life.

As a lifelong competitive athlete and career commando, intense physical challenge has been an essential component of Randy’s life. After graduating from Stanford in 2003 (at 36 years old, the grand-daddy of his MBA Class), he merged his twin passions for fitness and entrepreneurship into a career and founded TRX as a bootstrapped start-up.

“On one level we have profs at the University of San Francisco developing a fall prevention program for seniors using the TRX. On the other end of the continuum we’ve got guys like Ladanian Tomlinson, Georges St. Pierre and some of the highest impact pro athletes at the very, very top of their game training on the TRX. Then we’ve got amazing pro cyclists like Robbie McEwen and Levi Leipheimer, like Heather Fuhrer in women’s triathlon, and a pile of other top people in endurance sports. Any athlete focused on integrating balance, power and core stabilization—which is really every category of athlete—makes a good target for us. But it’s those who are really motivated to optimize their performance that flock to the TRX the fastest.”

LEADING FROM THE FRONT:  Leadership Lessons from Seal to CEO

In the military, leadership starts on day one, no matter how junior, no matter what your job. Those who are up to the task, and who embrace the tried and true principles taught there, thrive in any environment.

In this dynamic presentation, TRX founder and CEO, Randy Hetrick, shares many of the principles he learned as a Navy SEAL that he uses every day in the business world.  As a leader and innovator for one of the fastest growing companies in the fitness & sports performance field, Randy will discuss topics such as:

  • Fundamental leadership principles to differentiate yourself and your business from the competition.
  • The power of a TEAM.
  • Innovation to help you stay at the forefront.
  • Calculating RISK.
  • The 3 keys to managing a fast-growing brand and what you can do to ensure sustainability in the marketplace.

This is a can’t miss program from one of the true leaders and standout entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.
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