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Tom Dexter

Tom DexterTom Dexter brings 25 years experience in the financial world and offers us his top tips for fiscal fitness. As Todd’s financial advisor for the past 3 years, Tom has the unique ability to understand the demands of a fitness pro and the specific steps he/she can take to help achieve financial freedom.

Todd has asked Tom to share his pearls of wisdom on the IMPACT Summit so the fitness professional can learn how to be more financially savvy.

Financial Fitness:  Discipline and pace will win the race

  • Creating a strategy for long-term wealth on a fitness professional’s wage.
  • 5 critical financial steps every trainer, coach, or fitness pro MUST do to generate higher income both personally and commercially.
  • 3 lessons learned in working with high-net worth individuals that can help ALL individuals become more financially sound.
  • The one common trait of successful individuals who attain their financial aspirations.

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