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Trina Gray

Trina GrayTrina Gray helps fitness professionals create raving fans, attract wealth and achieve success with her Corporate Fit Challenge, Business and Marketing Coaching and Team BeachBody opportunities. Her journey in the fitness industry has been fast and furious.

Trina left a high-level marketing and communications position at the Wisconsin Supreme Court and later State Bar of Wisconsin to move with her husband to northern Michigan. It was there, that she turned her greatest hobby—fitness—into a rewarding career. She opened a 10,000 sq foot medically-based, full-service health club as sole owner at the age of 29. Trina learned from the best, having worked for national fitness icon Chalene Johnson, creator of BeachBody’s top-selling TurboJam.™ From Chalene, she learned that fitness is a party, and you have to invite people to it. You have to create amazing experiences and real connections to keep them coming back. Her advice worked.

In her first year, she earned a prestigious award from Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm as one of the top-ten small businesses in the state. She created 30 jobs and built a thriving team, in rural Alpena County, the third poorest in Michigan. As a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and entrepreneur, she has impacted 5,000+ people with fitness programs, in a region with double digit diabetes, smoking and medically uninsured. Trina’s mission is to create a happier community by inviting families and workplaces to eat better and move more.

Trina was the 2009 finalist for IDEA Program Director of the Year for her ground-breaking work creating the Corporate Fit Challenge. She is a contributing writer and national presenter for IDEA Health and Fitness. She has been cited in many fitness publications, such as IDEA and ACE on team building, corporate fitness, and creative marketing. In just four years, she built a solid business, with projected revenues nearing 1 million dollars for 2010. She has found her niche and enjoys helping others turn up the heat in their business.

The Mindset of Success: Set Your Career on Fire

Invest energy in designing your career and your life. To be successful in fitness, you must understand business.

Explore the habits of successful entrepreneurs. They are unemotional about money, they know what habits drive business, they create tribes, exude confidence, seek to give, focus on learning, know how to recharge themselves and are always driven to go the extra mile. When they fail, they come back stronger.

Leave with the power to set your career and life on fire. It all starts with the mindset.
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