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Trish Blackwell

Trish BlackwellLiving in France after graduating from college, Trish Blackwell discovered the ultimate secret to living, not just comfortably, but joyfully in her own skin.  Trish loved her body for the first time in her life while in France, and it was then that she knew her journey to freedom was meant to be shared with others.

Trish is now a certified personal trainer, (NASM-CPT), Fitness Director (American Family Fitness Fredericksburg) and fitness entrepreneur; her company, Uncaged Confidence, is committed to inspiring others to unleash their inner self and to master the gift of confidence.

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Leveraging Technology to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Learn how to effectively ride the wave of Web 2.0 and its endless ways to generate passive income, brand recognition, and the overall reach of your impact. In this lecture,

Trish Blackwell will share her experience in how leveraging technology through app development and publication, podcasting, and blogging has changed the trajectory of her business plan entirely. The opportunities for fitness leaders within the realm of Web 2.0 are endless, and the need is even greater.

This session will empower you to take action in implementing your new technology strategies for your business and brand so that you too can be an active participant, and fitness leader in the new “steam economy” that is trending across the world.

The opportunity to maximize your brand, revenue and reach has never been better than now; you literally have billions of people waiting for your help, and getting to them very well may be more cost-effective and exciting than you could ever imagine.

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