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Vito La Fata

Vito La FataVito La Fata is the founder and CEO of Fitness Profit Systems, as well as a business and fitness coach, certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist and entrepreneur. He has impacted thousands of people with business coaching, fitness programs, weight loss, sports training and challenges.

As an internationally recognized speaker and writer, he has contributed to IDEA Health, IHRSA World Conference, MindBody Conference, Australian Fitness Health Expo, Todd Durkin Mastermind Group, Fitness Business Summit and Fitness and Club Industry.

Vito helps fitness professionals develop an improved process of weight loss and fitness programming for their clients, attract income, generate wealth, create impact and achieve success with his Fitness Profit Systems, Business and Marketing Coaching and Team BeachBody opportunities.

Anatomy of a Fitness Business

You know how to train like a pro. You know your human anatomy inside and out. But, do you know your business anatomy?

Just like our bodies, your fitness business has an anatomy that needs to be understood, cared for and maintained in order to function and produce consistent profitability and marketing.

In this session we will dissect and expose the systems, skills and leadership mindset that it takes to organize, operate and work at a high level of effectiveness and profit while getting your message out.
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